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toyo-tyres-stockistTyres from TOYO Tyres


Superior performance and handling for sports driving.



TOYO TYRES offer tyres for almost every need. The passenger car range combines a balance of road holding, safety and mileage .

toyo-tyres-pasenger and eco cars


Greater safety at highway speed during the colder months while still able to cope with the occasional snowy morning.



High performance for powerful executive cars where comfort and quiet are added to the handling and stability requirements.


SUV and 4X4

Haul work equipment, weekend toys, or simply the kids and dogs.



For track use, TOYO TyreS offer specially developed Tyres which combat excess heat to give outstanding handling in the dry.



  apollo-tyres-stockistVredestein & Apollo Tyres. The range icludes: Summer

  • Summer Tyres
  • Winter Tyres
  • All Season Tyres
  • Premium Tyres
  • Styling Tyres
  • Classic Tyres
  • Light Truck Tyres
  • Space Master Tyres

Nankang Tyres– the informed tyre choice, with optimum performance.

Nankang offers a range of tyres that meet every need, from ultra high performance including road, race, drifting and track days, through commuting and shopping to off-roading in the toughest environments. These are tyres for every season or condition, that come in the most comprehensive size range and not only add to your driving pleasure but above all represent exceptional value for money.

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